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Tradex1 Offers You a Diversified Approach to Trading


Although opening a trading account sounds stressing and hard, TradeX1 makes it easy for you. It puts an end to the time consuming and tedious process of opening an account and allows you to activate your new account within minutes after you provide an original official identification document. Moreover, TradeX1 allows you to make the registration in your language of choice.

Trade X1 has won various awards on the forex and CFD trading, mainly because it maintains a safe trading environment. Traders on the site need only focus on their investments, as the rest of the issues are handled by the management. Trade X1 promises peace to its users regardless of their level of wealth or experience in trading; it helps them to expand their trading portfolio. The innovative investment types, which are provided at the site offer benefits as they allow users to make rapid personal economic growth. The tools also give the users new chances to try new techniques as well as trading styles. All the trader needs to do is wisely allocate their funds and pick the best trading strategies. Better still, there is a team of professionals at Trade X1, who help the trader anytime they need to know more about their assets.

Opening an account

All one needs to do to open a TradeX1 account is to provide a color copy of their official passport, national ID, or driving license. The company offers several types of accounts to meet the various customer needs, styles, and financial objectives. Upon opening an account, you are also assured of competitive spreads, 24/ 7 online support, and protection from negative balances. The other advantage is that the platform is intuitive

Types of Accounts

TradeX1.com allows its users to open five types of accounts.


The micro account allows users to deposit $500 to $999. Traders using the account can trade on the Webtrader, Mobile trading, or Sirix desktop platforms. The maximum leverage is 1: 400, spreads are fixed from 2 and the spread types are also fixed. The account type also offers no trader rebates. One is allowed to trade in forex, commodities and share CDFs just like in all the other types of accounts.


The standard account is for users, who want to deposit from $1000 to $2499. Just like the micro account holders, traders on the account use web traders, Sirix desktops, and mobile trading as their platforms. Their spreads are also fixed from 2 and spread types are fixed. The maximum leverage for this type of account also lies at 1: 400. The trader’s trade in USD, EUR, JPY, and GBP.


Those that trade in the account on TradeX1.com are allowed to make an initial deposit of $2500 to $9999. They trade on web trader, Sirix desktop, MetaTrader 4 and mobile trading. Their spreads are either fixed from 1 or variable from 0.5. Their float types are fixed or floating, based on the traders choice. The trading instruments allowed are commodities, share CFDs, Indices, and Forex. The maximum leverage on the shares is 1: 400.


The gold traders make initial depots that range from 10, 000 to 24, 999 dollars. They make their trade on the mobile trading platform, six desktops, MetaTrader 4 and web trader. Their shares are fixed from 0.7 and variable from 0.5. The spread types are also either floating or fixed. Maximum leverage is requested by user.


The VIP forex account holders are allowed to deposit $25, 000 or more and trade on Sirix, Mobile Trading, web trader and MetaTrader 4. Their spreads are fixed from 0.4 and variable from 0.3. The maximum leverage is also requested by the user.