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Top Things to Carry in Your Hand Bag While Travelling on A Domestic Flight

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When you board a flight, you are allowed to bring only your carry-on luggage with you. And the weight of this bag should not exceed more than 7 Kg in most flights. Therefore, you must keep those things in the bag that might turn out to be useful in your journey. Keep reading to find five items that should be a part of your carry-on luggage to make your journey smoother, safer, and more convenient.

While travelling on a flight, the experience becomes much smoother if you have all the items that you may need during the flight. However, as airlines check your luggage before you board the plane, you are not allowed to carry each and everything along.

Therefore, it is important to carry the items that are most important to you in your hand baggage so that you can have access to them whenever required.

Following is a list of items that you must include in your carry-on luggage:

  1. Medications That Are Necessary:

This is especially relevant to those who consume prescribed medication on a regular basis. Carry any or all types of medication in your carry-on luggage that can prove out to be beneficial during an emergency. However, some airlines also ask for a doctor’s note for certain medications. Be it flights from Pune to Chennai or Delhi to Bangalore, regardless of your destination, don’t forget to keep this note along.

  1. Electronics and fragile items:

Electronic or fragile items that can easily break, such as laptops and cameras, must be stored in the carry-on luggage. Baggage handlers are not quite gentle with the luggage as they are in a hurry. Moreover, there might be tons of items kept on top of your luggage which has these expensive gadgets. Avoid risking such items and keep them safe with you.

  1. Something to Read

Whether your flight duration is long or short, it is best to carry something like a book that you can read through the flight. A book can offer you a great recluse from the cramped seats and people around you. If you are not quite a book lover, carry a magazine or newspaper, but something to read will surely help you kill time.

  1. Pillow to Rest Well

Most airlines, especially the low-cost carriers, do not offer pillows or extra cushioned seats. A small inflatable neck pillow can easily solve this problem. If you do not have the time to buy these, try your luck at the airport stalls that sell them.

Be it a Jet Airways booking or IndiGo booking that you are doing; different airlines have a different set of rules and regulations. Make sure that you understand their rules before carrying anything extra along. Keep the items organised in your bag so that you wouldn’t have to face hassles while finding the right thing at the right time. Also, make sure you take out all the items that you may need from the carry-on bag before you place it in the overhead compartment.