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Three good practices in SaaS promotion: check them out

Promotion of a SaaS business does not have to be the easiest task in the world. What to remember when preparing a promotion plan and how to fit in the budget?

Social media for SaaS – what to use

Currently, the most powerful tool in the world among all social media is Facebook. Companies willingly use this method of communication. Exactly… communication, both ways. Entrepreneurs publish their images, posts, longer texts, videos, and thus reach the base of potential customers.

However, the greatest risk for the company is two-sided contact, i.e. two-way communication. Social marketing is a pretty unexpected bloom of Facebook, unexpected, and ruthless. Each consumer has the opportunity to comment on the material posted by the company or opinions about its activities, services, or products.

The presence of the SaaS brand on social media platforms has become an integral part of an effective marketing strategy. However, this activity requires a well-thought-out strategy and professional service. When planning a campaign in social media (for example by using a social media management tool), it is worth remembering that it should ultimately redirect users to the brand’s own channels, over which – unlike social media platforms, the brand has and will always have full control.

Great remarketing activity for SaaS

Remarketing helps to keep the brand in the minds of “Top-of-mind” of potential (and current) customers. The intended effect is the same as any other marketing initiative: getting the right content to the right people at the right time. This allows you to bring them back to the page and, as a result, brings them closer to conversion.

Remarketing can be great for a SaaS promotion – mainly because many people can read a SaaS page but not convert. In SaaS promotion, it is worth using other SaaS tools that enable the implementation of precise campaigns. One of them is RocketLink – the link retargeting platform.

Affiliate program for SaaS

Many businesses, especially at the very beginning, do not have huge budgets for promotion. Affiliate management may therefore seem like a great idea for a quick and effective promotion of your SaaS business on a small budget.

Affiliate programs, also known as affiliate programs, are special agreements where the merchant, in this case SaaS vendor, pays the affiliate manager a commission for generating traffic or conversion. For each action taken, it then receives remuneration in accordance with the contract concluded with the seller. The settlement method may be determined on the basis of the number of visits to the advertised website with the possibility of receiving an additional commission if the customer purchases the product. Such contracts are less frequent, when the settlement is based on the number of ad impressions – this is due to the fact that the interested parties do not necessarily have to purchase the advertised product.

Over to you

For every SaaS development, constant growth is important – that’s why promotion is an inevitable process that must be happening in a SaaS business all the time. It’s a good idea to refresh your marketing plans and see how you can improve your activities or add new marketing processes to test. Good luck!