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The Many Benefits of the Metal Blackening Process


There are many different metals that are used in industrial factories. In their natural state, most metallic components have a silvery appearance. Silver, while it looks very nice, is not the ideal colour in factories and manufacturing concerns. Silver components are very difficult to maintain, and often begin losing their shine due to the extreme conditions that they are exposed to throughout the course of a day. Because of this reason, many industrial factories usually get all of their machinery and metallic components blackened.

However, ordinary paint won’t last very long on the metallic components. Instead, a proper metal blackening solution is made for this purpose. The blackening solution is usually made and applied by private companies that take on contracts throughout different parts of the UK. If you are running a manufacturing operation, you should seriously consider getting all of the metal components blackened. Here are just some of the many reasons why that’s such a good idea.

Safer to Use

One of the main reasons why you should get the metal components of your manufacturing systems coloured black is because it makes the working environment much safer. Silver reflects light and thus increases the chances of operators sustaining an injury. However, black actually absorbs light and makes the components much safer to use. If the manufacturing facility is well-lit and gets a lot of natural light, having the components blackened is generally a wise move.

Resistant to Corrosion

A common issue with many metal components is that they begin to corrode after a while. If the humidity levels in the facility are high, it won’t be long before rust and corrosion begin to take place. However, applying a black metallic paint on the machinery and all other metallic components is going to make them much more resistant to corrosion. The black metallic paint is capable of absorbing wax on the surface, as well as many other contaminants, such as oil. After the solution has been applied, the company will also install a rust-preventative sealant in order to significantly improve the surface protection of the component.

Sales Appeal

If you are running a component manufacturing factory and want to improve the aesthetic appeal of your products, you should definitely consider getting them painted black. A durable black paint on the surface of any component is going to dramatically increase the value and the appearance of the product and will make it much more appealing for consumers.

No Change of Dimensions

One of the things that many people are confused about is whether the metal blackening process will change the dimensions of the component after the polishing is done. The reason for that is because most machine parts are generally manufactured with very high tolerance. As a result, conventional polishing and plating methods are not feasible. However, the durable black finish does not change the dimensions of the components, making it ideal for application on most different machine parts and components. It’s also a fairly affordable process and definitely justifies the costs.