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Six Tips for Managing Your Career


Although you may feel as if your job is controlling you, you are really the one who is responsible for controlling your career. There are many things you can do to guide your career so that you can achieve your professional goals. Here are six tips for taking responsibility and managing your career.

Communicate Clearly

As you gain experience on the job, let your superiors know about your desires to be promoted. If they don’t know that your interests are to stay and learn so you can grow with the company, they may overlook you when they are considering promotions. Along with verbal communication, let them know that you are a team player by taking the initiative to help new employees learn their responsibilities and more about their jobs.

Take Advantage of Learning Opportunities

If your company offers corporate training courses, take them so you can learn more about your position and become qualified for promotions. Training courses provide a great opportunity to take advanced courses, so you can learn more and achieve your career goals. For instance, if you work in human resources, your company may offer human resources management courses to prepare people to be promoted for their expansion plans.

Make Career Investments

Along with courses offered by your company, make your own investments in your career. Go to seminars, read blogs or listen to podcasts about your position so you can stay up-to-date on technological or procedural changes you should know. Go to class at night or enrol online to earn credits toward an advanced degree, so that a lack of education doesn’t hold you back.

Know Your Worth

Take inventory of your job skills, education, and what are competent at so that you know your true value. Note your deficiencies and find ways to improve in the skills and knowledge that are needed to be considered for promotions or new opportunities. List your personal and professional accomplishments and connect them to your competencies so you know what you can offer to your company.

Seek a Mentor

Be willing to learn from others with whom you work, especially those with more experience and time spent at the company. Seek a mentor, whether it is someone with more company experience or a supervisor who is willing to teach you more about their job. Mentoring can help you achieve your career goals by watching and learning from others, whether it is in your current position or another one.

Know the Competition

Being aware of your competitors will help you achieve your career goals as well. Compare their skills to yours so you can see where you may be lacking. Learn how to incorporate new technology in your skill set to stay ahead of your competitors, as this will give you the advantage when it is time for promotions.

Managing your career is a lifelong pursuit of keeping up with technology and regulations which may affect your job. Being willing to learn and adapt to changes is necessary to succeed in any career path and meet your career goals.