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Pre-Planning for a Funeral: What You Should Know


Pre-planning a funeral can be likened to making a will. Both are necessary if you want to relieve the emotional burden associated with these activities for your family. By working with a recognised funeral director, you can personalise your funeral plan. That way, you can be assured that your last honours will be fulfilled and met

Pre-planning a Service

When you discuss pre-planning, you can do the following:

  • Specify the kind of funeral service you want
  • Indicate whether the service will be religious or secular
  • Select the music for the service
  • Request the use of limousines
  • Make the choice of a hearse or a horse-drawn carriage

You can also make a choice for your coffin or casket. You can select from traditional designs, eco-friendly coffins, or a bespoke or contemporary coffin styles. For example, if you are interested in a traditional coffin, you can choose from such materials as veneered wood, softwoods, or hardwoods, depending on your budget.

In addition, when you work with affordable funeral directors in Plymouth, you can arrange for financing or payment. Therefore, you can remove the burden of payment off your family’s shoulders.

A Thoughtful Gesture

Pre-planning is a thoughtful gesture, as it can be hard for a family member to make funeral arrangements when he or she is grieving. Funeral pre-planning makes it easier for family members to follow through with the funeral process.

If you have not yet pre-planned your funeral, you need to make an appointment today to discuss future arrangements. Make sure you have everything covered so your family can better handle the event when it does take place.