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Plan your Wedding Wisely & Choose Mother of the Bride Gowns Accordingly


One of the toughest and annoying thing at a wedding is when everything gets messed up. Usually, people start preparing for their wedding just 3 to 4 months prior to the wedding, and before this, they just keep living their normal life routine. But there is something that not most of you are aware of, and that is wedding preparations would never be possible overnight. And you cannot just decide randomly for preparations without making a proper plan. And the result for such weddings would be that mother of the bride gowns are not ready, or even if they are ready then they are not Short Mother of the Bride Dresses. So the best for you is to start planning your wedding preparations for at least twelve months before your wedding date.

Initial Preparations

So here you are going to find out that what you should start to have a perfect wedding. First of all, set the total budget for your wedding, and the best thing is to deposit that money in a separate joint bank account with access to both bride and groom. And make sure that this whole wedding should not exceed even a penny than the set amount of budget. Now select the wedding theme, and then accordingly choose the wedding destination. Now set the wedding date with your fiancé and family. Once all these things have been decided then book the destination, and start making a list of people you are going to invite to your wedding. Then start booking caterer, wedding photographer, music band, and wedding planner etc.

Second Phase Preparations

Then after this comes the phase of shopping. So start shopping for your wedding dresses and other such accessories that need to be purchased as soon as possible. Besides also get your wedding dress altered if there is some issue regarding fitting. Then you need to set a meeting with the officiant to discuss the type of wedding you require. Further, finalize the guest list, and make sure that choose the equal number of guests from both sides. Then choose the honeymoon destination as well, and book it on same time just to make sure you do not have to miss your honeymoon for any reason. Now start looking for the designs of your wedding cards, as this is the time now to announce your wedding to co-workers, relatives, and friends.

Third Phase Preparations

Also consult some wedding planner as well, like which caterer would be best for weddings, which music band would fit the best according to your wedding theme, and which photographer is best. Select your bridesmaids among your friends and cousin sisters, and assign them their particular tasks. Moreover, this is the best time to start shopping for wedding rings, as it will not take long. Also, do not forget to book the wedding limousine or other cars for your guests. And finally, book hotel rooms for your guests, and also make an appointment with stylists for the wedding day. And these were some of the important tasks that were needed to be done from twelve to four months before the wedding.