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Oxandrolone Cycle: Results, dosage and side effects


Usually people generally use 50 mg of Anavar daily. They run it for a few weeks then cycle off. Then pct for 1–2 weeks is followed. Pct is per normal, either clomid or/and tamoxifen is taken. Since there is no estrogen conversion so there is no need for aromasin/letrozole. Now a lot of experts argue regarding the duration of the cycle, some say since it is oral only it is wise to go for 4–6weeks maximum. Some say it is mild so you can go longer without much thinking about next. It does suppress test production, so it is recommended to add in some test after 1–2 weeks of usage. Regarding capability of gains, it is not sure as how many of the steroids actually bloats up, so the lean mass gained could be water and after you stop the water goes away. You can go through a sampling of Oxandrolone cycles before you blindly pick one and start using. It is recommended to go through the review and forum websites so as to hear what the product is all about, its result, right dosage and associated side effects.

From dosage varying from 25–50mg / day, you can expect to get some good gains with a lean and quality look to the physique. Anavar isn’t estrogenic, so you won’t get bitch tits and you won’t take on subcutaneous water. You don’t need anti-estrogens or blockers, so you don’t have to worry about it. As with all steroids – you will increase bad cholesterol and decrease good cholesterol. So it is important to do cardio, take heart supplements and keep your diet clean. Your body’s natural ability to produce testosterone will be suppressed, so don’t forget proper PCT to give that a re-boot. Many experts keep an opinion that if you are fixed on orals, then Anavar is your best bet, but injections are more effective and safer (when done properly). Therefore it is important to go through a sampling of Oxandrolone cycles so that you reach the right choice.

The main mechanism of action of oxandrolone is to progress the anabolism or tissue building process, and that too mainly in relation to muscle. In medical situations, this drug has been used for post-surgical recovery, as a treatment against cachexia or muscle wasting as a result of chronic or serious illness, as well as to promote recovery following traumatic injuries or complicated surgical procedures. One of the main benefits of oxandrolone is its potential to reduce catabolism of proteins. Another aspect of oxandrolone cycle usage is that it increases levels of testosterone in the body, which have a direct influence on the development of muscle growth, and mass.

Steroids multiple muscle protein synthesis is associated to enhanced rate and time, which means: from the same workout session you will build 10 fold more muscle. Anavar is not a narcotic; it is a class I steroid. This cycle is not for men who have a history of cardiac disease, heart attacks, strokes, or hypertension. Anavar makes it easy for your body to shed fat and exercise increases those results.