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Neurological disorder and Pregnancy


Brain and its sub parts

Just like computer has a CPU that helps in overall function and regulation of the computer. Human body also has an organ that helps in the overall functioning and regulation of the body. Brain has got two parts, the grey matter and the white matter. Grey matter have the most of the neuronal cells of the brain. The neurons are the functional units of the brain. The brain has got regions for different functions of the body. The grey matter contains the region in the brain that are involved in the regulation of muscle control, memory, speech, decision making, emotions, self-control and other sensory perceptions. Another part of the brain is the white matter. White matter contains bundles that connect to the various parts of the grey matter that is the neurons in different locations. It also helps in transmission of the nerve impulses to different part. White matter is very less than that of the grey matter. A normal adult white matter percentage is about 1.7 to 3.6% blood.

Neurological disorder and Pregnancy

Pregnancy determines the spring of life. Although beautiful this situation is very much surrounded by different problems. And neuronal disease in pregnancy gives us the doctors a new situation to troubleshoot the problem. The surge of hormone production during the time of pregnancy causes the body of the woman to change physically and well as functionally. These changes are very much reflective on different functions happening in a woman’s body. This abrupt hormonal change also affects the neuronal behavior and function within woman’s body. Generally during this phase every pregnant lady is prescribed with low doses of folic acid by the doctors to keep the situation in balance. About 0.4 mg per day is prescribed by the doctors for every patients. Neurological problems are very much reported during pregnancy. This neurological problem can happen during pregnancy phase or it can also happen before being a chronic disorder. Medicines for neurological disorder during pregnancy are vastly available but should be used under the expert supervision of physicians.

Different types of Neurological problem in Pregnancy

Epilepsy is a very common problem that happens during pregnancy. Epilepsy is characterized by unnatural feelings and sensation that happens in the brain which reflects in the action of the body. Woman during pregnancy experience a repeated period seizures with a random repetition. This problem has got serious bad effects like still birth, preterm birth, miscarriage and even also abnormal and autistic birth. Medicines are also very risky to treat this condition. Other common conditions of neurological defect found during pregnancy different neurological injuries also called as neuropathy, neuropraxia or stretch. Higher level of neurotoxins in the circulatory system can also cause different sets of neurological problems.

Treatment of the problem

There are several neurological disorder in pregnancy, medicines are however available for each and every one of them. However the medicines comes with a lot of risk factors and side effects. Therefore if taken proper prescription should be followed.


Every beautiful thing is surrounded by ill effects and other problems. Avoiding them is sometimes in our hand and sometimes not. Let us hope to avoid this problems and take care of the mother in the best possible way.