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More Than Just An Ordinary Frame

Ordinary Frame

Whether you’re giving pictures as a gift or you want to display pictures on shelves and walls in your home, you need a frame for them. Instead of ordinary frames that are plain colors, consider designing your own. When you create your own frames, you can add as much personality to them as you want, especially if you’re giving them to someone else.

One way to add detail to picture frames is with flowers or sequins on the edges of the frame. You could put the details on the corners of the frame for a simple addition. Another option would be to put glitter on the frame, using colors that are the same as those that are featured in the picture. These are a few ideas for some custom photograph frames if you decide to print images from your mobile device.

If you plan to hang pictures on a wall, then put an image of your parents or grandparents in a wooden frame. This will act as the tree portion of your family tree. Hang leaves on the wall so that you can attach small images of family members. Smaller green frames could be used as the leaves as well. You can put individual pictures in the frames or pictures of couples and families.

For a picture frame that is going inside a boy’s room, you could hot glue small cars around the frame. If the frame is for a girl’s room, then you could decorate it with unicorns, flowers, bows, and other items that she likes or details that are seen in the room. Small pictures can be hung on lines that are strung from one side of a wooden frame to the other side. This will give the effect of rows of pictures hanging on a clothesline.

Another fun option for customizing your picture frames would be to paint three or more small frames in different colors or designs so that you can hang them in a vertical line. Add stickers or embellishments for a 3D look before putting the pictures in the frames. For holiday frames, you could paint the border in a color that matches other colors during the season. Place a picture of a favorite holiday event in the frame that matches the season, such as an image of your family playing in the snow or one of your family standing with Easter baskets.

Don’t limit yourself to using square frames. You can use round designs as well as other fun designs that add personality to the pictures that you put in the frame. A round frame would be ideal for designing a wreath and placing a holiday image inside. You could also use an oval frame for the picture with a square or rectangular border as a nice blend of shapes. Add a few words on the edges of the frame that you make, especially if it’s for a teenager or if you’re making a gift for a couple who might be getting married or who might be announcing a special event.