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Michael Briese Preached that God loves unconditionally and so should you


Human beings are creatures of emotions. They feel pain, sorrow and grief as well as happiness, joy and bliss. But there is one emotion which has the biggest influence on a person and that emotion is love. Unconditional love is something everyone hopes to find. Someone who can truly accept them, adore them and be faithful towards them. But they often forget that there is already a person present in their life who has offered them his boundless love. That person is God. God loves all of us so much that he had sent Jesus to pass on his message of love . The Bible, which represents the words of the divine itself, says that God is love. He created this universe, this earth, the mankind just out of love. He has created you because he loves you.

According to Michael Briese there is nothing greater than God’s love

Each and every person in an individual’s life has some expectations from them. Only when the person lives up to their expectations, do they give him their adoration. People judge you by the clothes you wear or the car you drive, their impressions are formed by glasses of materialism. People also need a constant validation of love. If you do not have any contact with someone for a long time, they would ultimately stop thinking about you and move on with their lives.

But the love of God is beyond all of this. He does need an e-mail or a Facebook message telling that you love him, he already knows that. Whether you live in New York or a suburban city, whether you wear a Rolex or a China made watch, God does not judge you for anything. For him all his children are the same. He doesn’t hold any expectations and loves everyone with his full heart.

God’s love doesn’t depend on your success or your failures; it does not depend on your high and lows. God loves you the same with each passing day. Sometime one’s faith in God might dwindle; they might believe that they cannot feel his love. They should never feel that way as God loves everyone for eternity, even if your faith in him might lessen, but his love for you shall never go away.

Like a true Catholic, Michael Briese has his full faith in the love of God and he stresses on the importance of loving everyone, just like God loves us. Christianity tells us to imbibe the qualities of God and live our lives in accordance to his values and ideals. Loving all is one of his biggest ideals and everyone should aim to follow that.

God’s love is not selfish, it is based on the sense of sacrifice and whole hearted acceptance. This is how we all should love each other. Our love should not be based on certain standards or certain norms; it should be absolute, irrespective of anything. According to Michael Briese, it is only when we learn how to love truly, that we can become closer to the divine. God watches us the whole time and recognizes our efforts. By lending our compassion and support to everyone, we carry forward the will of God. This strengthens our bonds with the Holy Spirit, and gives us a sense of contentment like no other.