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Leasing Operational Auto – Things to Remember


The revolution of cars is in its prime. If you are in the market for new cars, odds are you have some options at different price points and some of them are not affordable. Just like there’s no dearth of the banks and their salesmen trying to get you opt for car loans, leasing of cars is quick becoming an option in many metropolitan cities. Below are the pros and cons of leasing operational auto and these include the following:

  • No Downpayment – One of the lucrative offerings of car lease plans versus car loans, car leasing provides you the comfort to drive home in spanking new cars without money paid down. It’s a huge benefit to young, cash strapped people who find it hard to cough up the fifteen to twenty percent margin money or downpayment that the bank expects you to have.
  • No Insurance or Maintenance Costs – Operational lease plans afford you the advantages of not having to worry about the insurance and maintenance costs. It’s applicable to both damage or defect or periodic maintenance. Therefore, other than owning a vehicle and bearing the costs on scuffs and scratches, lease plans take care of the job for you. They also drop and pick up the car for free.
  • Leasing Operational Auto Enables You to Change Cars – If you’ve decided to lease cars and have reconciled to the costs per month that might be marginally more than the car loan, yet you have to face the reality that it comes with lesser headaches when you factor in the free of charge maintenance. With this, you will have the chance to change your car every three years. More often than not, lease contracts are signed for two to five years and may be exited without penalty. Thus, if you are searching to get a new vehicle from the lease company. From lifestyle perspective and money management, you will soon get used to the expenses monthly. If this happens, you may ask the lease company conveniently to change your car every several years. No insurance costs, no maintenance, and no downpayment.
  • Leasing Can Be Expensive – Many buyers forget the point that you have to pay all the loan EMIs or the monthly payments that your car is fifteen to twenty percent of the car’s original value. It’s a conservative estimate. But, you have to remember that leasing operation auto can be expensive sometimes and you have to prepare yourself for the payments every month.

Majority of lease plan salespeople are taught to sell through telling you monthly contract amount you have paid is a deductible expense and helps in your tax planning. While it’s true, one should be aware that having a car whether with loans or without offers the same advantage to small business owners as yearly depreciation.

Purchasing versus leasing operational auto would always be judgment calls and would boil down to preference. For more info about this service click here.

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