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Know The Top Investment Plans Of The SIP In 2019

Investment Plans

A Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) is the replacement of the traditional lump-sum method. Under a SIP, a fixed amount is deposited in the mutual fund scheme in a regular interval of time. To start a sip you don’t need to invest a considerable amount, you can open your SIP account by depositing a minimum amount of rupees 500. In the schemes of SIP, the risk is shallow and it helps an investor to achieve his/her goal quickly.

There are different types of mutual funds for SIP plans that include equity, debt, balanced and ultra-short-term funds financial advisors suggest that the investors invest in mutual funds for SIP basis their investment objective and the period of SIP.

Why invest in top 6 SIP funds?

  • SIP Plans makes an investors discipline towards investing.
  • Systematic investment helps in financing like a future dream and important goals like education, purchasing of house/car.
  • SIP funds help in making the most of the compounding and are ideal for young investors.

Top 6 Mutual Fund to invest

  • Mirae asset emerging blue chip

The investment of this scheme is to generate income and capital maximization from a portfolio primarily investment in Indian equity and equity-related sector of large-cap, mid-cap entities at the time of investment. But this scheme does not give any guarantee and assure any return.

  • SBI Small Cap fund

SBI small-cap fund seeks to produce income and long term capital gains by investing in a diversified portfolio of equity and equity-related securities of small-cap and mid-cap entities.

  • Aditya Birla Sun Life Banking & financial services fund

The primary investment objective of the scheme is to generate long term capital gains to shareholders from that are invested in equity and equity-related sectors of organization which is engaged in banking services.

SIP plan scheme does not guarantee any returns. It does not give assurance that the objective will be achieved.

  • Canara Robecco Emerging Equities

The investment objective is to generate capital appreciation by investing in diversified midcap stocks. However, it does not give you any assurance that the goal of the investment will be achieved. The risk of the scheme is moderately high, but if we see the data, we can conclude that this scheme has generated good returns every year.

  • Axis focused 25 funds

The investment objective of the scheme is to generate long term capital appreciation by investing the strenuous value of equity and equity-related securities of up to 25 companies. The scheme is found moderately high risk and has given a return of 15.5% since its launch.

  • Kotak emerging equity scheme

The objective of the investment is to generate income and Long term capital appreciation from diversified portfolio equity and equity-related securities, by investing in small-cap and Mid Cap companies. The risk in this scheme is moderately high and since its launch, it has given 11% of the return.

*Mutual fund and the investment are associated with market risk. Before investing, please read all the documents carefully.