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Know the importance of Vintage Cars


Why you should consider Vintage Cars

Vintage cars are those that car model that falls between the period of 1919 to around 1930, but in a general language, it is the old cars that are no longer in production lines or any car assemblies unless personal collections (as you shall see) mainly for shows and self-satisfaction among other functions.

Vintage cars can be categorized regarding the age of the car. What makes it more valuable and sort-after is their rarity. Who doesn’t want to be associated or seen driving something that no one else drives in the neighborhood?

Such cars include Ford Model T coupe (1919), 1921 Hudson Super Six Phaeton, 1930 Cadillac V-16 452 Sports series phaeton among other models.

As a car enthusiast, you feel good with large cars collections, especially the above rare types. As we mentioned, many of you are out looking for a certain model, make or even specific history of the car. While this may be a good hobby, it is expensive.

It is tough to find your vintage/classic car preference at an affordable price, with all other factors constant. But you the price of these cars can be greatly affected by other factors which include rarity, condition of the car.

Often, the less work you’ll need on the car means that you will pay more, the more work translates to lower price but may end up shooting later because of restoration of the car.

Nevertheless, vintage cars are important and as a car enthusiast, you should consider investing in them (be here wise, will tell you why later). Here are the reasons why you should consider vintage cars.

Can be the best investment

If you get a chance to stock the most valuable, rare and exotic models of cars it can be a serious investment with large margin regarding returns. If you get unmodified vintage cars, you can command a high price. But just as any investment, it requires some degree of expertize to minimize losses and increase chances of making a gain.

If you are considering a short-time investment, first assess the market value of the car. Find something that is trending and getting more hypes then ride along that market wave. Buy it knowing that it won’t take much time before returning your invested money.

However, if you aren’t interested in the short-time value of the car, then you can get prepared to take advantage of future market demands even if it will take some years. Just determine which one suits your needs and go for the best plan.

But be cautious; don’t put your money into any car just because it is ‘old-school.’

Consider the following tips

  • Avoid rusty old cars
  • Know what you want regarding model, year and age
  • Consider availability of spare parts- don’t choose something scarce, it will be a problem getting affordable parts.
  • Make sure the VINs match
  • Consider taking comprehensive insurance for old cars

Consider the above before and after buying the car.

Their elegant design and beauty

Vintage cars were manufactured back in the days when there was no 3D modeling or any other drawing aid software. Designers used pencils and piece of paper to draw the shape of the car.

Making sure that every line is flowing and cutting edge. You can look at cars like Ferrari 250 GTO; it is a showstopper because of its beauty. Such designs demonstrate how past age had nothing to do with things like crash preventions, aerodynamics among other constraints. They just produced something that reflected the fashions of those days.

They radiate authentic driving experience

Vintage cars possess balanced mechanical systems that are placed in such a way they work in harmony. While driving this type of car, you have a direct linkage to engine where what you input concerning gear selection, adjusting air/fuel mixture or even engaging with the clutch, gives directs and unfiltered output.

Such design helps you get the best out of the car’s systems at the same time monitoring the best and improper driving practices.


They have rich history

Vintage cars have history, and it doesn’t matter whether it is appealing or not. Some of them have competed in championships, featured in famous movies, magazines or driven by famous icons.

They helped their owners have ease mobility and class during their times when such qualities were held up high. They made life easier and some even have overcome conditions you can’t comprehend; only the owner can tell.

Such traits of Vintage cars bring a certain nostalgia that makes the car enthusiast appreciate every scratch on car and even those cracks on the leather seats. This is what differentiates the typical person from the classic car lovers.

No amount of money can buy it

Today, you can have any car type you wish. All it takes is money. Money even is not a problem anymore; we have cheap financing options, credits among others. But companies no longer produce vintage cars, meaning their supply is gone.

Due to this, the machine is getting rarer and more valuable than before. You realize that no amount of cash will get you, for instance, 1930 Cadillac V-16 452 Sports series and if you insist, you’ll have to beg somebody who owns it to sell it to you. What if he is not willing?

The more effort you invest in acquiring and maintaining such cars, the more passion you will develop towards it. Today, you’ve seen some events where classic car owners not only showcase what they got, and they also display their tastes. There are classic car shows, racing, and road trips.


You can’t compare Vintage cars with modern cars though the latter gets better each other regarding speed, efficiency, safety among other factors. Vintage cars on the contrary do have their league. They attract only the genuine car lovers, history fanatics, and art worshippers. Their style, rarity, and design is what makes it appealing and darling to most of you. All of its traits are timeless and all inclusive.