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Know the 5 deciding factors to avail best trophy display cases for yourself


Bowling trophy, business awards or even a cup won by your child in a certain sport; achievements in the form of trophies are something that everyone loves to have. And when you want to show off your accomplishments to everyone, awards in classy display cases of trophy can never go wrong. However, these display cases are not just made to be utilised in only workplaces or academic institutions. With so many variations, one can easily choose the right type as per their home d├ęcor and show their winnings with style.

Check out few of the factors to understand which exact type of trophy case can compliment you as well as the place you wish to place it.

Factors to check before buying quality trophy display cases

  1. Back type

In most cases, people looking for a good trophy case only see the frontal side but fail to consider how its back should be. Here are few back types amongst the highly preferred ones.

  • A showcase with a tempered glass back will impart an urbane outlook if it has similar glass shelves.
  • Showpieces, artwork or trophies, a while laminate back will make them stand out instantly.
  • If you want your showcase to bestow an air of elegance, a mirrored back does the work with perfection. Trophy cases with mirrored backs enhance lighting (inbuilt) and give an illusion of depth when kept in small spaces.
  1. Frame

Wooden or aluminium, these are the basic frame materials that are considered excellent for a trophy case. Contemporary look with sturdiness is something that you can find with aluminium frames. However, if you are more into the traditional outlook and wish to place your showcase in the lobby or library, the correct option would be to go for wooden frames.

  1. Lighting

There are a number of companies who design trophy cases which have an inbuilt light system. This aspect not only highlights the awards but also makes it easier for others to read the fine prints on it. Cases with lighting system are an excellent addition to auditoriums or living rooms.

  1. Shelves

The deciding factor on the number of shelves is dependent on item sizes that you wish to display. If your displayable items are smaller in size, full-width shelves can be the option that you can go for. And in case you need shelf space that is more versatile and can accommodate awards and trophies of larger size, you can opt for half width shelving.

  1. Categories

Basically, there are 3 display case categories.

  • Wall mounted

Considered as of the outstanding choice for display cases, these can be placed in those places lacking floor space. These are freestanding and affordable floor models whose vertical space is also less.

  • Tower

These are usually skinny and tall cases with shelf numbers ranging from 3 to 5. These having full-width shelves are an excellent choice for highlighting both small and large awards.

  • Floor

These display cases come in a number of sizes with either half-width or full-width shelves. These types of showcases are excellent to exhibit large or oversized awards or trophies.

So, these are some of the essential aspects that you should consider before settling on good trophy display cases. After all, as big are your achievements, the holder should be the best one to highlight your winnings.