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How to Prevent and Repair Your Car Paint from Natural Oxidation


The value of a car depends much on the condition of it and its paint ranks among the first five factors that can affect the judgement. So almost every car owner would understand the importance of having a vehicle that is in good shape and above all looks good. Apart from the regular maintenance chores like oil changing, tires rotating and brakes replacement, to keep it running the way it should, one also needs to take care of its paint to make it look handsome and shining.

Here we would discuss about the aspects that are relevant to the exterior paint of the car. Starting with the analysis of why the discoloration takes place, we would try to reach out at the solutions.

Factors Causing Paint Oxidation

Before looking for a collision repair center to restore back the original beauty of a car, we need to ask for a complete auto detail that will include the cost of buffing out the existing paint and restore the original color and shine car. Before trying to sell or trade in a car, it is required to make the car paint look as good as new again. For this the best possible way is to hire a professional, unless you have undergone a similar training yourself. But if you want to restore your original car paint as long as possible, knowing a few basic facts regarding car paint would be necessary. Here are the reasons that result into the premature discoloration or oxidation of car paints.

  • Sunshine can cause significant damage to the area of a vehicle that is directly exposed. This is because of the heat and intensity of direct sunlight that fade out the color, and one can see ugly white spots with cloudy or swirled patches.
  • Oxidation occurs in situations where heat and oxygen combine easily. This combination result in breaking down the molecular structure of the car paint. Parking cars in open sunlight thus cause rapid color oxidation.
  • Experts say that typically the original factory car paint of a car lasts for the first six to eight years, but too sunny a climate might shorten up the timeline.

Preventing car paint damage

To prevent car paint damage, the most ideal way that has been traditionally followed for years is the buffing process. Buffing uses a liquid abrasive applied on a rotating buffer pad that help remove the multiple layers of oxidation. If you are going for an interior and exterior car detailing, that includes oxidation removal, the time it would take to retrieve the original shine would depend on the model of the car and its existing condition. As per the experts of the Salisbury collision repair, roughly it would probably take four to eight hours.

  • Perform wax application on the car several times a year to prevent sun damage.
  • Store the car in a garage to keep it away from direct sunlight.
  • Thoroughly dry up the car after every wash and take immediate corrective measures as soon as there is any indication of oxidation.
  • The recommended schedule for professional detailing should be done twice a year.

By taking simple preventive measures one can protect his car paint from premature oxidation.