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How to decide upon hiring a bobcat or mini excavator?


So, need compact versatile equipment for your next project but are confused whether to go with a bobcat or mini excavator. Well, both these machines feature light frame in compact size and have variety of benefits and applications in the field of construction. However, many small jobs do have specific requirements and you may have to pick one from the mini-excavator and a bobcat.

It is without a doubt that both these machines are mobile and fuel-efficient but choosing the right one is a tricky business and can be an overwhelming task. And that too is critical for your success in the future projects.

But before you pick one, you have to access the on-site conditions and job requirements and then try to narrow down your options accordingly.

Bob cat – skid steer loaders

The word bobcat is used for a skid-steer type mini-loaders and the company Bobcat has been renowned for such compact range loaders. A bobcat loader is a multipurpose machine that can be equipped with multiple attachments and you can use it to undertake variety of difficult jobs. Bobcat ranges from 1.2 tones to over 4 tones capacity and it can make your DIY project a fresh breeze. They are available both having wheels and the one with tracks.

You can use a bobcat for digging, lifting panels, and undertake variety of other landscaping projects. If you’re working on an uneven terrain, you may have to go with a posi-track loader but otherwise skid steer must be your pick. You can use the bobcat for variety of indoor and outdoor tasks including land-leveling, light excavation, and debris removal in construction, landscaping, and gardening projects. Maneuverability and zero-radius turning makes it versatile among other machines. So, if you’re looking for flexibility and maneuverability at job site; a skid-steer can be a big help.

A mini-excavator

On the other hand, a mini excavator hire features a boom that a bucket at the end. Like bobcat you can also use number of attachments with a mini excavator as well. But the extended reach with the help of boom and its swivel action due to the cab allows it to offer greater on-the-job capacity then a bobcat. Hence, an excavator hire is a best pick if you need power and capacity. It can load and haul heavy equipment and can undertake heavy landscaping or demolition jobs. You can use it to rip and break rocks, remove trees, install concrete blocks, backfill large areas, excavate deep trenches, and dig pools.

Which one is the best?

Now that you’ve went through the basics and the applications of both the compact equipment, it’s the time to pick the one that suit your jobsite requirements. If you’re looking to work in tight spaces and require power like indoor demolition, deep excavation like backyard pool development, mini-excavator has a lot to offer.

In contrast, a bobcat is ideal where you need swift maneuverability and your job site requires tricky turns. So, if you need to stack up material or spread out some stuff in small-scale or residential project, a bobcat is for you. For more information on equipment hire, click here.