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How to cope up with digestion issues during the first trimester of pregnancy


It is pretty much on obvious lines that your digestive tract is prone to some changes during the first trimester of pregnancy. This tends to happen as the developing baby encompasses the stomach along with the uterus. It is all the more so during the first trimester of pregnancy where the digestive changes are at its peak. The main reason of it is due to the hormones and a lot of symptoms could emerge as well. Pregnancy digestion medicine could provide you with a certain degree of respite in such cases.

As far as the first trimester of your pregnancy is concerned it is from the last date of your menstrual cycle. This tends to last around 13 weeks of pregnancy as well. At this point of time the developing baby tends to be very small. Once you touch 13 weeks of pregnancy the developing baby is not even 4 inches long and tends to weigh just over an ounce. The baby does not need major source of nutrition at this point of time, but the hormones are making their presence felt on the digestive tract. It is pretty much like epilepsy during pregnancy that does need timely intervention.

In the weeks leading up to pregnancy the hormone levels tend to spike. A lot of symptoms associated with early pregnancy like fatigue or morning sickness tends to arise from them. From the pregnancy symptoms as far as the digestive tract is concerned it slows down the functions and it would mean that all possible nutrition needs to be extracted from the food as well.

There is nothing that you could do with pregnancy early hormones.  This is in particular reference of slowing down your digestive tract. What could be done is that you could go on to alleviating the functions of digestive tract and reduce the symptoms by working with the digestive tract. If you go on to divide the diet into small meals instead of large meals it is going to maximize the function of the digestive tract. It is also suggested that you should go on to increase consumption of vegetables or fruits as it is rich in fibre. This along with water improves the digestion along with speeds up the process of digestion.

It has been observed that most of the problems related to digestion during pregnancy start with constipation. This is all the more universally present in case of most pregnant women and the reasons are as follows

  • During pregnancy the levels of certain hormones are on the higher side that goes on to relax the muscles of the bowels and it does disrupt their functions as well.
  • The uterus is at a growing phase and it does go on to put pressure on the bowel and the normal function is disrupted
  • The iron that is present does make it difficult for the stool to pass

Just because constipation is present in pregnancy, no way it means that you would need to accept it.