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How To Choose The Best Insoles For Managing Heel Pain?


Heel pain can be an annoying problem to those who suffer from it. It may vary from slight discomfort to a sharp and widespread pain. The reasons for heel pain could be excess weight, lack of exercise, injury, or a condition known as plantar fasciitis or policeman’s heel. Whatever the cause may be, you can easily manage heel pain with insoles for feet. You can also get the Tips for Managing Heel Pain at the site https://bloodchronicles.net/.

There are plenty of insoles available in the market, thus, making it difficult for the customer to choose the right one. With the help of this guide, you will be able to find the most suitable insole that will relieve your heel pain and allow you to live a more productive life. Read on to know more.

  • Thick and complete cushioning

The first feature that you should look for in an insole for heel pain is ample cushioning. Heel pain mostly arises from the fact that our feet are improperly or inadequately cushioned by our footwear. When we stand on our feet without giving them proper cushioning, heel pain may become chronic and severe. Thick cushioning in your insoles will prevent heel pain and make walking easy for you.

  • Complete support to the foot arch

In most cases of policeman’s heel syndrome, the foot arch remains unsupported inside the shoes. Therefore, when choosing an insole, you should look for a design that offers complete support to your foot arch. You should try several designs and then select the one that gives maximum support.

  • Firmness of material

While it is desirable that the soles of your feet have a soft cushion, the material of the insoles should not be very soft or compressible. It should have a certain degree of firmness that provides consistent support to your soles even after repeated and long-term usage. If your insole is too soft, it will sag with regular use and fail to provide any support after a few days.

  • Shock absorption

People who complain of heel pain and foot arch tenderness need insoles that have good shock absorption qualities. An insole with a gel cushion will be better at absorbing the impact of jumping and walking. Therefore, if you suffer from unbearable foot and heel pain, you should ask for an insole that has additional features for shock absorption.

While insoles are extremely helpful in managing conditions like policeman’s heel, you should also give due importance to weight management and regular exercise. In addition, you should also opt for regular feet massage and give ample rest to your feet. Choosing corrective footwear for specific ailments of the feet is also a good way for pain management. However, if the pain worsens or does not get better, it is best to go for a doctor.