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Guidelines for portrait photography


Taking portrait photography is not an easy thing as they sound to be. The photographer must follow the right methods in order to come up with better results. There are several rules which are to be followed while taking this portrait photography. People who are new to this photography will have various hassles in dealing them. This article is written in order to guide the people who are attempting on portrait photography. Some of the best rules which are to be followed in this photography are revealed in this article.

Away from background

It is always better to keep the subject away from the background; so that one can easily separate the subject and the background. The important reason to do so is one can get stunning effects. Along with this factor one must also remember to reduce the shadow cast.


The photographer must demand the model to give a fine pose. At any extent, the male model should not strike a feminine pose. It is to be remembered that the pose given by the male model should be masculine. Hence the photographer must take the responsibility of directing the model throughout the shoot.

Shoot from front

While considering the portrait photography, the photographer must make sure to short the subject from the front. This is because the photos which are taken from back will be inexpressive. The photographer must always shoot from the front.

Comfort of the model

The photographer must make sure to provide the best comfort for the model. The model should be comfortable in the pose which they are giving; so that they can exhibit better charm. And obviously their emotions can also be captured in the best way.

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