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Eye Glasses Advice Welcome


Have you been shopping for prescription sunglasses lately? You might be surprised these days at having so many choices. It is nice to have choices, yes, but there does come a point when too many options can turn out to be overwhelming. What are you to do and how do you begin to narrow down the right glasses for you? There are readers, distance, polarized and non-polarized lenses; there are glasses with stealth readers and sunglasses and transition lenses, and then there is your prescription into the mix. You have your prescription and now you need frames that you’ll like. Selecting out frames is its own battle as well. That is all personal preference and taste. Some have taken frame selection as far as what fits best on someone’s face. From round to pear faces, heart to other shaped faces, certain styled frames can look best on your face. Then it also depends on if you are a man or a woman and then the styles after that are tailored to your liking. Some frames are gender neutral as well. It is ultimately up to you want type of frames you want on your lenses.

So where is someone to go when they need help understanding all of this kind of stuff? There are about three real options folks have. First is to talk to family and friends. Talk to folks you know who use glasses themselves. Ask them their preferences and if they would do anything different next time they get glasses. Starting the conversation is a good idea just to get the ball rolling and thoughts turning in your mind. Get an idea for what you think you’d like to have. Next, talk to your optometrist, your eye doctor. Talk to them about what they think would be best for you and your situation. If you are outdoors a lot let them know, if you are more so indoors and needing glasses, do let them know that as well. Perhaps if you are in and out often, the transition lenses are the way to go. Polarized sunglasses with stealth readers just might be your perfect fit for your life as well! You just never know until you think about who often you need your readers and how often you are outdoors in bright sun, etc. Lastly, research online. You may find out some great reviews and good insight pointing you in the right direction.