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Experience the Rafting in Kali River through Dandeli Rafting Booking


Dandeli is a very beautiful and a small town which is 57 kilometers away from Dharwar and it is 95 kilometers from Belgaum. It is a very beautiful town which is beyond you expectations. Explore it to know more about it. This town can boast of its dense forest, wildlife, beautiful cottages, resorts and hotels. It is something beyond which words could express. The majestic Kali River flows through this town. Some of the worth seeing places over there are: Supa Dam, Kavalla caves, Synthetic Rock and Ullavi Temple. Rafting is one of the amazing this that you could experience over there. Dandeli rafting package would be quite affordable and pocket- friendly for you.

Dandeli is one of the famous holiday destinations which are located in the region of Western Ghats in Karnataka. It is one of the greener parts of Karnataka where tourists could enjoy numerous adventurous activities like Camping, Jungle Safari, Bird watching, Mountain biking and the most exciting is the river rafting over there. You could get a chance of river rafting through Dandeli rafting package. It includes many other exciting things apart from rafting. The entire package is quite fun filled and exciting.

Know in detail about Dandeli rafting booking:

Dandeli river rafting is located in the River Kali in the Western Ghats. River rafting in Dandeli is one of the best in India. The rafting area stretches for around 12 kilometers. It makes your day and you will realize this once you are done with the entire rafting for around 2-3 hours. The rapids in River Kali will be classified into two different grades which are grade 2 and grade 3 which is suitable both for a beginner and an expert.

Whereas gradeĀ  2 rapid is far more easier as compared to grade 3, but still you need to perform it under the guidance of professionals. You will find the grade two much more easier to maneuver but in grade three it needs constant and expert steering with a proper guidance. The rafting begins in the morning at around 9AM and the trainers are very particular about the timing. There is no delay of even a minute. It continues for next four hours and it is filled excitements. Dandeli rafting booking has to be done before hand so that you do not have to be is hurry during the time of rafting.

This rafting in the River Kali will definitely turn out to be a worth remembering activity for you. You will definitely cherish it for life long. As we proceed towards the end of the rafting you will gradually lose all the fear related to the water. It will fill you mind with lots of satisfaction and contentment. The fresh water over there will wash away all your laziness and tiredness.

Dandeli rafting package will give you a complete new and exciting experience with Dandeli rafting. It is quite thrilling and fulfilled. Apart from this Dandeli have many more exciting things to explore which you will cherish lifelong.