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Everything you need to know about BadaamKaHarira


Have you ever tasted the Badamkaharira before? It is a delicious and mouthwatering recipe that is being cooked in India, especially south India. It is a tasty sweet with lot more nutrients in it. If you want to have a delicious as well as nutritious breakfast, then BadamkahariraKesari is the ideal one for you. The right amount of badam in the recipe would get you numerous health benefits. If you don’t want to consume raw Badham, you can take one cup of Badamkaharira every day.

Most people avoid having breakfast because the traditional breakfast recipe like idly, thosai, and Pongal gets monotonous. So why can’t you switch to new breakfast recipe? If you want to rejuvenate your taste buds, then try out this delicious Kesari recipe. If you taste this sweet once, then you can never say no for this. If you are the one who always skips the breakfast, you can consume this yummy Kesari as it is beneficial for your health. Stop skipping the breakfast and start consuming this mouthwatering breakfast recipe. Besides, the blend of ghee and almond it would get you numerous health benefits. What’s more about a Kesari recipe? If you want to know more about harira recipe Indian in Hindi, then you can visit Hindi section.


As the harira recipe is the great combination of ghee and almonds, you can get all the advantages of ghee and almond from the single cup of Kesari.  Ghee is a traditional as well as popular food content in Northern India. It is often used in the variety of recipes; as north Indian recipes are incomplete without ghee. Ghee is essential for weight loss. It helps to induce the gallbladder function, which in turn improves the function of digestive system. When you consume ghee, it travels into your digestive system and attracts other fats that are deposited in the stomach. So, it removes the unsaturated fat and toxins at ease. It is packed with Conjugated Linoleic acid, which is a rare fatty acid that gives protection against artery plaque, diabetes, and Carcinogens. If you want to consume Hyderabad Kesari, then you can browse the web on how to make Hyderabad KesarBadamkaharira.

Interestingly, it contains Vitamins K2, which is rare vitamins but essential for building bones and muscles. In fact, recent research states that Vitamin K builds bones and muscles better than calcium. In addition to this, it helps to protect your teeth from all kind of tooth cavities.  It is beneficial in preventing heart as well as the cardiovascular disease. Now coming to the Almonds, no one says no for almonds. Almond is rich in protein, vitamins and other minerals.  Every ½ cup of almonds contains 207 calories. Of these, proteins provide 5 gram, carbohydrates provide 7 gram. Fiber filled with 5 grams and the rest are filled with manganese, riboflavin, magnesium and much more.

Almond is good for heart, liver and the digestive system. It is packed with the rich source of Vitamin E, which is essential for hair growth. Vitamin E not only promote hair growth, but it also nourishes your skin.  The high amount of epicatechin, flavonol and catechin antioxidants in almonds are much beneficial in improving your health. If you want to intake all the nutrients, you must consume one cup of Kesaribadam daily.