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Disco Hire for Your Next Event


Every special occasion or party is made better with awesome music and a fun DJ. No matter what your occasion – birthday, wedding, anniversary, or even a fun corporate event – hiring a music expert will get people on the floor dancing and enjoying themselves. Gone are the days of stuffy events and boring parties. You’ll throw the best event that your friends can remember when you book a disco.

Disco Hire

More than just providing the music, mobile discos in DA1 are outfitted with top-of-the-line light and sound technology. While some DJs will play music over small speakers that aren’t powerful enough to really get the crowd going, picking one with a great sound system can really make the difference in your event.

Party Size

It doesn’t matter how big or small your party or event is going to be. It’s easy to size up the equipment of a disco to make sure that the speakers are powerful enough and there are enough lights for everyone to enjoy. At the same time, small parties will seem intimate but still very fun with a scaled-down lighting and sound system. Talented DJs know how to work any crowd, no matter their age or music preference, and can make your event stand out.

Don’t hesitate to book a disco for your next event. The ability to personalise it to match your needs and personality will make it one of a kind and help you to create an event you’ll remember.