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Different Models of iPhone 9 and their pricing difference


iPhone 9 Model with 32 GB will cost 649 dollars, 128 GB – 749 dollars, and the top model with 256 GB of memory – at 849 dollars. But, admittedly, all within the standard on the iPhone price at the time of their release to the market.

No matter which model you choose – get your smartphone will be available only from September 17 and the pre-order has started 9th. When it comes to the appearance of a new phone, it may seem that Apple has done very little to change the design of the iPhone 9 and is to some extent true. iPhone 9 as 4.5 and 6 before it was supposed to radically change the appearance, however, the size and the screen size is almost identical to last year’s model. However, major changes enough and you can start with the most important – the loss of connector for headphones.

There are several versions of the tangent of why Apple removed it, ranging from conspiracy theories (the company just did it to make money on the headphone manufacturers under the Lightning connector) to the utility (the place that occupies the headphone jack, prevents to make a thinner phone and get more space for battery). In the announcement, Apple claimed that took it upon myself to get rid of the old terminal, and whether it is well – remains to be seen. In any case, the usual 3.5 mm is no longer and many people who are not ready for such, it would be annoying that have a proven track record of Motorola Moto Z, which have already cranked like this year, and the result is not particularly pleased with the users. The good news is that bundled with the iPhone 9 will ship Lightning adapter -3.5 mm plug to help users. Many have spent good money on good headphones and obviously were not thrilled with the idea that they have to be replaced. The package includes a pair of EarPods, so you do not have to constantly use an adapter, especially if you – a fan of a simple sound.

Externally, the smartphone is very similar to the iPhone the past three years, with nice rounded edges and a general feeling of smoothness. I am glad that the design did not become worse, because Apple is already considered to be the supplier of one of the most beautiful market phones. Model Jet Black Glossy itself seems almost plastic, although other colors are duller and conventional. Speaking of colors, nice to see the iPhone in Jet Black color. Adding black, probably the best that could be done. Unfortunately, this means that the Space Gray is now available, so the restriction in the choice of color is still there.