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Dealing with the Risk and Danger of Asbestos


It has long been known that asbestos is a danger to humans and animals. It was used for a long time in the building and construction industry, but its use was stopped not long after it was discovered that it could cause terminal illnesses such as mesothelioma and asbestosis. The challenge now is to deal with the remaining asbestos material that is still part of many homes and other buildings.

The Ticking Time Bomb

The tiny fibres that become airborne when asbestos material is disturbed or cut can make their way into our lungs and cause terrible damage. The amount of asbestos that is still in many homes and other buildings is a ticking time bomb that is just waiting to explode, and it is often people who perform DIY modification work on their homes that are most at risk of disturbing and handling old asbestos materials.

Getting Rid of the Asbestos Danger Safely

The good news is that trusted asbestos removal services in Medway can help identify and remove any asbestos material safely and securely without putting anyone in danger of inhalation. These services typically include the following:

  • The assessment and identification of the location of any asbestos
  • Air quality testing
  • The careful handling and removal of asbestos from a property
  • The safe disposal of asbestos that complies with all current rules and regulations on hazardous building materials

Whether you suspect or have come across asbestos material in and around your home, it is always wisest to call the experts for asbestos removal.