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Complete Process On How To Apply For ESTA


Popularly pronounced as ESTA, the Electronic System for Travel Authorisation is a model unveiled by the Department of Homeland Security of the US in the year 2009, 12th January to address all the country’s increasing security concerns.  The United States of America have signed a program, known as the Visa Waiver Program, for which certain nations like they don’t have to go through the hassles of obtaining the visa to visit the United States. But, with security problem becoming a global concern, the US formulated a means to pre-screen every national, who is listed in the no visa program, this goes by the name of ESTA.

How to file for ESTA?-Go online and apply through DHS web portal

The procedure is as straightforward as it can get, all you require is to stumble upon DHS’s official website and there read all the necessary stuff related to ESTA. On the website, you can apply for ESTA with a few simple steps, just fill the form and the job is done. The visa experts’ worldwide advice applicant to fill the ESTA requirements at least 72 hours in advance, to prevent ESTA gets in the way of your US vacation. You will receive a notification of ESTA application approval in quick time if everything goes right. It is required to take a print of pre-approval, even though the US airport authorities will have all your information available on their system. However, the airline company may ask you before boarding the plane. One thing to note with ESTA, if you are entering the United States through the land, then you are not required to apply for ESTA, it is only for those are doing via land or sea.

Fees Associated with ESTA

4$ is the basic application fees of ESTA, whereas the US ask 10$ for tourist promotion and improving their experiences. However, in case, your ESTA application is not accepted, you can seek for the refund of those 10$. You can pay for the ESTA fees via your credit cards, listed in the number of cards accepted. 99% over the years has the success rate of ESTA.

When to file the ESTA application-72 hours before boarding the flight to the US

If you live in a nation mentioned in the list of the Visa Waiver Program countries, it is required for you to obtain ESTA. ESTA is simply a means for online verification, best to be applied in advance. The primary ESTA requirements aren’t tough, these include all the basic personal details and nothing much. One important thing to keep in mind is, if you are getting into US through land transportation, then you don’t have to seek ESTA. It’s only if you are doing so by aeroplane or ship.

Have a doubt, regarding the ESTA requirements or unaware of the procedure to obtain ESTA? Check out the US DHS website, and there see for the FAQs for all your doubts or you can also talk a visa consultant for more help when filling for ESTA.