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Comparison between PC games and PlayStation


If we are going to differentiate the PC games from console games we will see that there is much difference in it. One is played on the personal computer system which we are using in the houses and in offices as well is called PC games and on the other hand play station games are being played on the special hardware devices.

Below are some point on the of which we can make the differentiate the PC games from the console

  • First of all we have to know that about the PC games that it is the games which we can play on the personal computer anywhere. While console game or play station games are those which not played on the PC but on the hardware machine or devices.
  • PlayStation games which are introduced by the Sony Play Station video games system it these are kept alphabetically in database by name.
  • In common the computer games are known as PC games while other one known as PS games or PlayStation Games.
  • PC games are played on the personal computer platform and on the other hand PlayStation used to play PS games. There are hardware are used for the sake of play Console games.
  • In case of console games there are a big screen connected with the PlayStation while if you talk about PC games which are only played on computer system. There are different input and output devices are used in such cases like keyboard, mouse, LCD, CPU and other types of Graphics cards. Here the games are controlled by the special controllers like the Sixaxis wireless controller, DualShock 3, or the Kinect controllers.
  • If you want to get the PC games here we tell you about it that you can get it from directly internet and you can also get it from CD.

While the PlayStation games likeĀ https://slopeunblockedi.com only you can find on the PlayStation stores not any other places.

  • The motion speed of the PC games character is comparatively less than the speed of other motion games characters. Because of the characters of the motion games are highly attractive and with high quality graphics.