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Clenbuterol Gives You the Best of Experience


Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and thought that it would have been so much better if you could loose that last bit of fat? Or are you going to the gym and dieting just to achieve the body you have been dreaming of? Well, wait no more, because we have the answer. Clenbuterol is a globally reputed drug because of its manifold positive effects and its lack of a huge number of side effects. Most steroids have a number of severe side effects but since Clen is not a steroid, the side effects are minimum and mostly controllable. It is the supplement of choice almost all women.

What makes it so famous?

Clenbuterol is not only meant for body builders. Yes, it does help in muscle gain but that is a minor factor; the main usage of Clen lies in the fat loosing department. Women who are not even trying to increase muscle mass use this supplement, because it helps them loose weight, faster than any other med out there. It is a good thermogenic but you need to follow the instructions to loose weight fast. You have to start from a low dose and reach your actual amount by tapering up the dosage and do the reverse when returning back to normalcy. It is so well known because it works without failure.

The dosage cycle

The recommended dosage starts at 20mcg per day for women. You have to continue this for three weeks after which you can add another 20mcg to reach a 40mcg per day dosage. The maximum dosage you can reach is 60mcg per day; after which severe side effects start showing up. You should be very clear about the fact that Clen is not a miracle drug; it will help you loose weight only if you follow a strict diet and do workouts everyday. Overdosing under any circumstance is highly risky and you should strictly avoid doing that.

The side effects

Clenbuterol, not being an androgenic steroid, has far less side effects than most other supplements. Remember to take Clen early in the day because it is known to cause insomnia if administered towards the evening. The few side effects seen by both men and women are cramps, insomnia, extreme sweating, high blood pressure, dry mouth, loss of concentration and vomiting. All these are much less severe than the side effects of its steroid counterparts. Always take Clen thirty to forty minutes before you start working out because it might cause breathing problems. Also, avoid HIIT training while being on the supplement.

Buying tips

Always check the ingredients before ordering and be sure that whatever is in the supplement exactly matches your requirements. You should study online and learn everything about the supplement, its requirements, how tapering up the dosage works etc. Always check the online reviews of the product you are buying and purchase only from sellers who are authorised to do so. Do not buy the supplement from the black market because they are mostly of sub par quality.