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Cladding Tile Design For Interior Walls

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Leaving the walls completely blank can make your home interiors appear boring. Although people paint them, there are many other alternatives available that will make the walls more interesting. One of the most common choices of modern homeowners for making their walls interesting is tile cladding. They are easily available in many different designs and styles. Hence, you can easily find options that will complement the look of your home interiors. If you are not sure about which option you should choose, here are a few trendy wall decor ideas shared by renowned interior design service providers you can consider:

01 of 06 The open brick wall design

If you want to create a statement wall, a brick interior wall design is a great idea. This is one of the most popular designs you will find in modern homes and apartments. By opting for a brick wall cladding design, you can add more character to any space. Consider creating the brick wall in your living room so that you can make the space more appealing and create a great first impression on your guests’ minds. Ideally, the wall behind the TV unit is chosen for installing the brick cladding tiles. Thanks to its vibrant colour and texture, you will not have to worry about adding more decor items to the wall. Just make sure that the furniture pieces complement the wall.

02 of 06 Create a stone wall with grey cladding tiles

Grey is very popularly used by interior design service providers in home interiors because of its appeal and versatility. However, opting for grey cladding tiles instead of painting the wall grey is a better idea. This will add more visual interest to the space and give it an elegant feel. Look for a large wall for creating a stone wall with grey cladding tiles. People with an open house plan can turn the shared wall in the dining and living space into a beautiful stone wall. It will serve as a great backdrop for your seating area. You can add a few other elements to that space to complement the stone wall.

03 of 06 Add sophistication with black stone cladding tiles

While trying to give your home interiors a sophisticated look, you can never go wrong with black. Black is not one of the most common colours used for walls. This is because dark colours like black absorb a lot of light and make a space appear darker. Moreover, it creates the illusion of a smaller space. Hence, you should only choose black stone wall cladding tiles if the interiors are large and well-lit. If you successfully blend in a black stone wall in your home interiors, it will make the space appear more luxurious. This idea is more suited for modern homes.

04 of 06 Use terracotta cladding tiles for a rustic look

If you like Indian architecture, you will love this idea. Terracotta has always been very popular in Indian interiors. It has a very royal feel and adds a lot of character. By opting for exposed terracotta cladding tiles, you can create attractive home interior designs. Further, this is a great choice for people looking for affordable choices. They are one of the cheapest alternatives available in the market. You do not have to worry about adding additional decor items for complementing your wall. Moreover, it has a timeless appeal and you do have to renovate it in the near future. Many people prefer chipped and mismatched tiles because they give a more vintage feel. This interior wall design is mostly found in traditional homes.

05 of 06 Create a vibrant appearance with mosaic cladding tiles

People mostly maintain symmetry in their interior design for a more balanced look. However, this does not mean opting for asymmetry will diminish the appeal of the space. Sometimes, experimenting with the balance and introducing a few elements of disarray can be fun. Mosaic cladding tiles give you the perfect opportunity to add different shapes and sizes to the space. Choose a contrasting surrounding for your mosaic cladding tiles to add more visual interest.

06 of 06 Get chic ceramic cladding tiles

You do not always have to look for interesting and quirky options. Even the simplest options can do wonders. Many interior design service providers suggest opting for basic but bold designs while choosing ceramic brick tiles. This is a great option if you want to choose budget-friendly wall decor ideas. Also, it has a versatile look and will blend in seamlessly with different home interior designs. This material is also sturdy and durable. They do not damage easily and will easily last quite some time. Another benefit of choosing this option for your wall is that there are lots of colours available. You can easily find one that looks good in your house and matches your taste.