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Can Bob Simonds make STX Entertainment be the Next Major Studio in Hollywood


STX Entertainment, owned and operated by producer and entrepreneur Bob Simonds is currently one of the major movie studios in Hollywood. The company has already attracted many major Hollywood stars and directors to work for them and they are currently working on several productions which are going to see the light of day in the coming months and years. From the very beginning, founder Bob Simonds had a unique plan to go with his new production house. Instead of making big budget superhero movies that quite often had budgets of more than 200 million US$, STX Entertainment focused on making movies with a budget ranging between $20 to $80 million but with leading stars that can bring a lot of attention and credit to the projects.

Founder Bob Simonds aims to make STX Entertainment the next major studio in Hollywood with movies that are going to speak to people in a more direct and relatable way. The studio is going to work on movies that will be mainly crafted for an adult audience. While these movies will have great stories that can provide gifted storytellers and writers a scope to work on their talents, they can also open up new avenues of creativity that were lacking in Hollywood for quite some time. It is true that strong character driven and story driven films were once the mainstay of most of the Hollywood studios. However, the reason for which these movies gradually became a thing of the past was not because they failed to generate the profits that they were supposed to but because these movies were not so big enough to counteract the hundreds of billions of dollars of money in overhead that were carried by the studios.

Bob Simonds is confident that his project STX Entertainment is going to change the current trend of making superhero movies by proving once again that good movies made with mature storylines can still attract the audience and bring in the profits that they are meant to. He argues that almost 80% of the movies that were made with midrange budgets have been able to bring in great profits. The unique approach taken by STX Entertainment has already been lauded by many of the industry insiders. Numerous directors, producers, actors and creative personalities have already worked with the studio and have praised its work culture. Many directors who prefer to create movies mostly for the adult audience strongly consider it to be encouraging to work with a studio like STX Entertainment that has a creative policy supporting such films.

Can Bob Simonds make STX Entertainment be the Next Major Studio in Hollywood? Well, that is something that can only be said with greater accuracy in the near future. The creative and financial approach taken up by the studio is truly commendable since it favors greater avenues for creative exploration. That being said, STX Entertainment needs to gather as many hits as possible in a short time if it is looking to prove itself in line with the bigger names in the industry.