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Apply for your First Provisional Driving Licence


Applying for a provisional driving licence is very important before you drive a car. Those who already hold a driving licence but looking to learn how to drive buses, mini buses or any other large vehicles then applying for the provisional driving licence is essential.

To apply for it, you can fill in the DL1 application form, which is readily available from your nearest post office. Or you can also get this form from MOT centres or driving licence offices. And then apply in person or through post. It will cost you a fee of around £63 and you will need to carry the following documents: passport size photograph, all the required and original documents, also £63 (fee).

Getting a provisional driving licence is not that easy due to implementation of all the rules and regulations that need to be followed by the candidate who ever are applying for this driving licence. The candidate needs to take a short practical test before actually acquiring the provisional driving licence. The test includes both theory test and practical test. There are many sub-categories that are enclosed in practical test, they are – manoeuvres, hazard perception, and driving skills test. Although, this test seems to be difficult but not that difficult as it seems, preparing the right way can ensure that you pass this test and you will be eligible to take practical driving test, which will let you acquire provisional driving licence.

The first step you need to ensure to taking before this test is getting to know your eligibility. Citizens of UK, especially those are from Great Britain can apply for provisional driving licence if they meet the following:

Minimum eyesight condition

Minimum age condition

You’ve been not prevented from driving be it for any reason

Should be a citizen of Great Britain

Hold the valid UK passport

Identity proof

Once you meet the eligibility criteria, you need to acquire D1 form; this form is available in any of the local post offices, driving school. You can download this form online or get one from the post office. Fill the application form and apply for your driving licence, it will just take 2-3 weeks for one to get their licence after completing the verification process.

Your driving licence may also take longer time than the aforementioned period depending on your health condition. The Driving licence agency (DVA) also checks for your personal details that were submitted in the form. Till that time you will need to wait for a valid driving licence before you drive.

There are also cases where people who have submitted all the required documents and filled form accurately dint receive their driving licence, if this was your situation then dial the DVLA contact phone number, the Driving licence agency and submit your query. The enquiry section of DVA will soon respond your query and let you know what went wrong.

If you do not receive your provisional driving licence even after generating complaint and if it exceeds more than eight weeks then you can apply for a duplicate provisional driving licence.