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Advantages of using eco-friendly shower curtains


As human beings, we like the smell of latest new things, and shower curtains are not spared either. When people open the package of their shower curtain, they smell it instantly and enjoy. It is the smoothest feeling of the new material. Vinyl shower curtains provide the best of the smells and are a household name in every bathroom. But recent researches have proven that there are chemical vapours released from these curtains which can cause severe health problems.

Avoid PVC and use Eco- friendly shower curtain

Vinyl contains PVC (polyvinyl chloride). PVC has carcinogens, so when it comes to heat, it releases toxins to air and damage the environment. So, most of the families are opting towards eco-friendly shower curtains to be used in their bathrooms. As day by day people are becoming more and more health conscious, they also chose products which are environment-friendly so not cause any damage to their health.

Different types of Eco-friendly Shower curtains

Some of the best eco-friendly shower curtains include Bamboo, Organic cotton, Hemp, and linen. Bamboo is a popular eco-friendly product. It provides resistance to grime and mildew and confirms to be a strong material. Organic cotton provides various choices to people. These are having no chemicals and purely natural along with water repellent properties. Hemp is a costly material, but worth every penny due to its great insulation properties.

This material is water resistant, and there is no effect of mildew on it. Hemp is a natural product and does contain any harmful compounds. Linen is a curtain friendly material which provides a smooth and natural experience to its buyers. Different colour schemes are available in linen shower curtains. People who love rich colours are a big fan of linen shower curtains. It is water resistant and is becoming famous nowadays.

You can prepare them at home!

If you are not getting your eco-friendly shower curtain material from the market or are unable to purchase them, then you can consider making them at home. You can use bed-sheets, bed spreads, thin blankets, etc. to make one. Just remember that the sheets or material that you chose are thin and not bulky. If curtains become bulky, then it will give an annoying experience to you.

You can sew the loops together or stitch across the area of shower rod. Just slide them and Whoa! You did it. You have made a shower curtain from scratch. Don’t forget to add a liner to it. Eco-friendly shower curtains liners can be made from linen, bamboo and hemp and these are also natural and water-resistant.

Decorate the way you like

You can decorate your shower curtain the way you like. You can involve your children in designing the curtains targeted for kids. Allow your kids to have some drawings of their creativity, and even you can also do some artworks on the shower curtain.

Just make sure that you don’t overdo anything in excitement.At last, you have your own choices. If you are concerned about your family and their health, go for eco-friendly curtains and if you want more benefits and more user-friendly experience you can go for Vinyl or fabric shower curtains.

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