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Addressing Family Finances in a Divorce Settlement

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You should contact a lawyer about your financial settlement if you are going through a divorce or wish to gain custody of your child. Disputes need a mediator, which is why you need to have a legal specialist on your side.

For instance, affordable family law services in Gloucester should also include conveyancing help. If you plan to sell your home after a divorce, this help can be invaluable.

What to Address Financially

Focus on the following financial matters:

  • Immediate financial needs or concerns. You need to obtain help on how to keep things afloat without getting into further debt.
  • Maintenance after the divorce settlement. Learn from a lawyer how much you should receive these payments and for how long.
  • The family home. Find out if it is better to sell the property or work out a plan to rent it.
  • Savings and pensions. What will happen to the money you saved after you finalise your divorce?

Make a Stressful Situation Less Stressful

When you can work with a family lawyer who can help you with your financial concerns, you can proceed with the dissolution of marriage with less anxiety. You need to know where you stand in this respect. Take time to consider what type of divorce settlement would be equitable and realistic.

You and a lawyer can develop checklists so you can better understand how to divide your assets and money. By taking this approach, you can manage the process with more success. Contact a family law specialist today to gain the assistance you need.