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Adam Quirk: The Prominent Criminal Justice Professional Talks About the Career


Unlike general degree course curricula focused on science, commerce, social sciences or humanities, criminal justice is a specialized study course that make people prepared to work with activities relating to felony cases, justice, corrections of wrongdoers in the real world. Aside from public departments, individuals with background of criminal justice are extremely demanding all over the world both in public and private sectors. Pursuing students for criminal justice study courses should keep in mind that other then academic excellence, they must exhibit a magnitude of practical skills and special characteristics to become successful in the professional areas under criminal justice. Adam Quirk is one among the most acclaimed personalities with criminal justice background who have worked in a number of United State’s high profile Departments of Justice.

Why More and More Professionals Must Come For FBI? Adam Quirk Lets the World Know

The award winning law and enforcement professional was very much involved with a series of highly discussed multi-jurisdictional investigations and criminal cases. His services and contributions in criminal justice departments and dedicated support to law and order departments have always been a point of discussion among citizens. As per statement of Mr. Adam that once you become graduated in criminal justice, you can avail internship programs to earn practical experience or rather, due credit of experiences in social services, security, enforcement, law or justice systems works under federal administration.

Numbers of authorized enterprises these days offer these internship courses, the details of which you can get through internet. Keep in mind that criminal justice is a professional area that offers you not only rewarding career opportunity or reasonably high package but offers you high esteem in the community. Apart from becoming licensed attorneys or pursuing a master’s degree and making a career in teaching you can consider joining the following professions as a criminal justice fellow:

Job Scope

  • Police officers
  • Detective agencies of public and private nature
  • Forensic Departments
  • Prison office
  • Correction / Probation officer
  • Court offices
  • Community development worker/ Social worker
  • Paralegal / Legal Assistant
  • Compliance Manager
  • Human Resources Generalist
  • Security Services

Importantly, some of the above professions are also very extensive and offers a list of job opportunities for you. For example, Forensic which is an integral part of criminal justice area and works together with the departments has divisions like Crime scene investigator, Criminologist, DNA analyst, Fiber technologist, Ballistics specialists, Blood spatter analyst, Homicide detective, Psychological profile-maker and more.  Candidates holding bachelor’s in criminal justice and science background particularly with specialization in biology, physics and chemistry can only be a part of Forensic department.

Places where you can be employed:

  • Federal and State level public departments
  • Police and Security Services
  • Prison services and Correction groups
  • The Court services
  • Legal sector/ Law offices
  • Detective Agencies and Intelligence services;
  • No profit making companies/ Educational institutions;
  • Humanitarian organizations that work for teen/young offenders, drug addicts and victims of criminal offenses;

While working for the Federal Bureau of Investigation Adam Quirk FBI had effectively conducted a series of interrogations, interviews and complex criminal operations. He also executed warrants and was actively involved in many multi jurisdictional criminal events.