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A Complete Checklist To Buy The Right Security Camera Systems


As you may know that there are different types of security camera systems that are available local stores as well as online sites like bestwirelesssecuritycamera.com in the market. With different features installed and pros and cons it is naturally very confusing especially for a beginner to choose the right one from such a humongous list.

You will come across different types of analog cameras, IP or website cameras when you visit such a store. Though most people may suggest that the IP camerasare by far the best in the industry but there is no reason to overlook the analog variants.

It is wise to do some research beforehand to make the right choice as this involves a fair bit of investment.

Differences between the two types

As far as the Security Camera Systems Philadelphia   is concerned, each type is unique and the specific type that you will need to install will largely depend on the unique situation and its requirements. It will also depend on the process of installation, the limitations if any and also your affordability.

However, the difference between the two set ups are:

  • Analog cameras: These are the traditional camera systems that usually are connected with the monitoring or recording device with a wire. These recording devices can be a VCR or DVRthat will constantly project images on the screen. These cameras have a coaxial cable that connects the recording device and the camera. Depending on the distance between the two, this cable can be really long. However, to get a clear image you will need to install boosters after every 330 feet of cable.
  • IP security camera systems: This is the latest in the security system market that typically sends the feeds through Ethernet cables. Most people rely on this type of cameras as this is a much faster solution that offers a much better solution. However, how clear and sharp image you will receive will depend on the available speed the camera can work on. You can access the digital feed from anywhere provided that the network is working properly as this works through a central server.

Consider the design

The design is an important feature to consider when you buy the security camera systems. It is important to ensure that the cameras installed blend in perfectly with the surroundings. That is why most of the cameras come in a black and white finish.

There is a built-in stand in most of the cameras and have a solid cylindrical construction. The design promotes installing the camera in a proper angle or to pivot it. There may be a few that have magnetic backing as well.

While buying the security camera you must follow a guide and consider the functionality, design, installation, cost and your requirements.

  • Do not go for the cheap ones as that may prove costly in the long run
  • Stick to your budget and your specific requirement
  • Check the warranty and avoid cameras that come with limited period conditional warranty.

Know the basic capabilities and features such as angle, lens size, and storage capability and most importantly consider your need.