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5 Suggestions Before Meeting An Injury Lawyer In Salt Lake City

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There is absolutely nothing worse than getting hurt in a mishap due to someone’s fault. Every year, hundreds of personal injury cases are reported in Utah, and a significant number of those happen in Salt Lake City. If you are a victim, you have to focus on recovering from your injuries and getting fair compensation. That gets easier with Salt Lake City Personal Injury Lawyers, and if you are meeting an attorney, here are five suggestions to consider. 

Don’t pay for the first consultation

As someone looking to file an injury claim, you are already in financial distress. The good part is most law firms in the city will offer free consultations, and just because you agree to go for the first meeting doesn’t make it obligatory for you to hire an attorney. In other words, you don’t have to pay for the session, and if an attorney demands that, you should look for alternatives. 

Go prepared 

Make sure you have everything related to your injuries and the accident when you meet an attorney. You may have photos and video footage from your phone or other sources, a list of the expenses you have incurred, and your medical file. If you want an injury lawyer to give you a fair overview of the situation, you should always provide them with what matters for the case. 

Ask questions

The first consultation is also a great opportunity to interview the injury lawyer. It would be best if you asked a few questions concerning their experience and your case, such as – 

  • How long have you been practicing personal injury law?
  • Are you based in Salt Lake City?
  • What can you tell me about my claim? What is the expected settlement?
  • How many such cases have you handled so far? 
  • Have you been to trials?

Be honest

As a client, you should be honest with your injury lawyer. For instance, if you were injured in a vehicle mishap and were speeding at that time, your attorney should know that. Eventually, they will investigate and uncover all relevant facts and evidence, and there is no reason for you to lie. 

Discuss the expenses

The last thing to discuss is the injury lawyer’s fee and other expenses. The lawyer doesn’t get anything until they recover money for you, and while that’s true for all law firms, you may still have to pay for certain things related to investigation and hiring expert witnesses. 

Check if you feel comfortable talking to the attorney.