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5 Delicious kofta recipes


India is a land of some amazing cuisines and recipes. People from all the states love to eat and they cook various dishes using different regional spices and ingredients.

When you come to India you can see curry is something which is a very common food item. For every major ingredient like chicken, mutton, paneer or vegetables there is a curry. It is a good idea to make a curry out of available ingredients as one can eat them either with plain rice or with chapatti.

Here are some delicious and healthy recipes of kofta curries which one can try at home.

Non Fried Sweet Potato and Oatmeal Kofta Curry

This is a good blend of sweet potatoes and oats. This is a perfect dish for those who have fascination for Indian curries but are health conscious at the same time. So, even if you are in a strict diet regime, you can always add the nutrition of oats and goodness of sweet potatoes into it. This one is particularly non-fried for the healthy bunch and is an awesome dish to eat. Sweet potatoes are full of minerals and fibres and they contain a good amount of vitamins and minerals as well. So, one does not have to break their healthy diet in order to taste a kofta curry.

Cauliflower Paneer Kofta Curry

Kofta curry has a lot of variations. This is another one. In this dish one needs to make a tomato based curry with a lot of spices. Then you add the kofta dumplings to this curry base. Yes, the kofta has a mixture of cottage cheese and cauliflowers infused with mild spices and one can use a bit of cream while cooking this dish. You can pair this up with Phulkas or Chana Pulao as they make an amazing homely meal combination.

Spinach Paneer Kofta

One can always make this delicious curry at home. You need some pan fried spinach along with some stuffed paneer to make the koftas which are not only tasty but healthy too. The gravy has to be more paste like and you can serve the dish piping hot with some tawa parathas. It is a perfect item form weekend dinner parties.

Broccoli Malai Kofta

It is very nutritious and wholesome. Here paneer and broccoli are combined together to make the koftas. One has to fry them lightly and then add it to the gravy which is made from garlic and onion. You can serve this with paneer pulao or plain rotis.

Malai Kofta

One can get malai kofta recipe in Hindi from cook books. Here the paneer and potatoes are mashed to make kofta balls which are them simmered into some spicy tomato gravy. This is a very traditional recipe of India. One can use onions, garlic and chillies in the preparation. This can go well with jeera rice or with pea’s pulao.

So, be ready to cook these nutritious kofta recipes at home, and you will surely enjoy them to the core.