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3 Alternatives to University Clearing


University life isn’t for everybody. Some students may find their talents better utilised elsewhere but are still facing pressure to undertake an undergraduate degree. There is no right or wrong answer but what we can say is that there are always several options available to those who don’t quite obtain the grades they need to attend the university of their choice.

If this sounds like you, keep reading and we’ll share with you three other pathways that you could take post compulsory education.

What is University Clearing?

The clearing process is one that matches students up to universities that still have a number of places available. The reason the process exists is to provide a solution for all those who didn’t quite obtain the right grades to receive an offer from their university of choice.

For these students, their second or third choice is usually the next best option, but sometimes students aren’t presented with any offers at all which can be a worrying time.

Clearing essentially guarantees you a university place as long as you’re openminded and willing to compromise.

  1. Consider a Gap Year

Once you’ve received your A level results, you have the opportunity to embark upon what is referred to as a gap year. Most students decide to either travel in this year or spend their time retaking the exams that they didn’t do as well as they wanted to in.

Some students even decide to spend the entire gap year working, gaining valuable experience that will assist them in the job market.

  1. Enter the Workplace

If you feel as if university isn’t for you, you always have the option to go straight into the workplace. Whilst you probably won’t be eligible for a graduate position, entering the workplace earlier than other young people can provide you with an advantage.

If you choose your career wisely and impress your employers, you could quickly find yourself being promoted into a management role without the need for a degree.

  1. Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships are still a great option for all those who would like to learn on the job. There are apprenticeships available in several industries and trades which should make finding one that appeals to your interests straightforward.

Most apprenticeships will even present you with the opportunity to attend college or university on a part time basis so you obtain the same level of academic qualifications as your peers who have gone straight into university.

Make the Right Choice

Never feel pressured into making a decision that isn’t wholly yours. Clearing 2018 is still a way in the future so use this time to really nail down where you see yourself in ten years’ time. The gap year is the chosen option for many as it allows students to take a break and evaluate their goals and aspirations as well as gain some life experience after leaving school or college.

Once you’re back from your gap year, you just might find yourself more enthusiastic than ever to embark upon your journey through university.